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Library: Food & Drink policy

Food & Drink Policy

We recognize that food and drink sometimes play a role in studying and learning. However, food and drink can also damage library material, equipment and furnishings, attract rodents and insects, and it may disturb other library users.

The following policy is intended to balance the needs of the library with the convenience of our users.

NO Hot Food: Please note that hot food (pizza, fries, pasta, etc.) is not allowed in the library. Why?

  •         Hot food tends to be messy. Oils, sauces, etc. can damage library property.
  •         Hot food tends to produce odours that disturb others.

NO Meals: Please eat your meals (salads, sandwiches, etc.) outside the library. Why?

  •         Full meals tend to produce more garbage and more mess.
  •         A cafeteria atmosphere is not conducive to study and learning.

NO Garbage: Library users are responsible for picking up after themselves. If you have food garbage, including packaging, dispose of it in garbage bins outside the library. Why?

  •         Garbage disturbs other library users
  •         Garbage creates an atmosphere/odour that is not conducive to study and learning
  •         Food debris may damage library property and may attract rodents and insects.

Drink & Snacks:  Examples of cold snacks that are allowed:

  •         Fruit, cookies, granola bars, chocolate bars.
  •         This does not include whole meals, food in styrofoam containers or anything hot.  
  •         If we can smell it or if it could easily make a mess, you should take it outside the library.

Enforcement: Library users in violation of the Library food and drink policy will be asked to either:

  •        discard their food outside the library or
  •        store it out of sight (eg. in a bag or knapsack) or
  •        leave the library.

What can I eat or drink in the library?

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