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Library: ERIC Help

1. Type your search terms and limit your results to "Peer reviewed" and "Full text"

Sample topic: Teaching reading/literacy in the inclusive classroom.

I did a few preliminary searches and found that the term "inclusion" is used instead of "inclusive."  Then I typed a search statement that would retrieve records with the word "inclusion" in combination with either "literacy" or "reading."

2. Limit your Results by making selections on the left:

3. Results after limiting by publication date, descriptor, publication type, and education level:

4. Click the title for more information (e.g. a summary & descriptors). Download full text article.

5. Download the PDF and open it in Adobe.

6. Save the PDF to your computer in order to email it to yourself as an attachment.

ERIC Search

As you scroll through this guide (on the left),  create your own search in ERIC:

  1. Click here to open ERIC in a new window.
  2. Re-size your windows and display them side by side.
  3. As you scroll through the guide (in one window), you can try each step in the other window.

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