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Library: Recommend a Purchase

Building the Library Collection Together

Suggestions for Library Purchase

Departmental faculty, in conjunction with their department head are invited to participate in selecting materials for the library. The library’s priorities are:

  • to provide a collection that meets the needs of our undergraduate students
  • to build up subject areas where students regularly are writing research papers
  • Upper level students (and faculty) may need to use interlibrary loans to supplement our resources.

What the library would like from faculty:

  • Familiarize yourself with the library. Do we have enough resources for your courses?
  • If you have given your course syllabi to the registrar, we can access them from there. However it would be helpful if you would send us any additional research paper topics that students regularly write on, which may not be included on your course outlines. (See chart below for your liaison librarian.) We will try to provide you with lists of publications available for purchase, often with reviews. Please return them promptly with your selections.
  • Faculty are not limited to the titles on our lists. Give us your own suggestions as well.
  • Library staff will always check to make sure we don’t already have a title before we place an order. However, you may want to search our catalogue to see what else we have on a topic when you’re considering a title.
  • Please understand that we will have to go ahead and spend the funds without your help if we don’t hear back from you on time.  Many of our orders take several months to come in if they are not in stock. Let us know if you have a "rush order" and we will give it priority.
  • We discourage direct buying (e.g. at conferences, book stores). The savings are not usually greater than the discounts we already receive as a library. We will reimburse you only if we have enough money left and if we don’t already have the book in our collection. Receipts must go to staff in the library processing room.

Department & Liaison Librarian for purchases:

Marlene Power:

Patricia Kok:

Art: Marlene

Math: Patricia

Biology: Patricia

Media Studies: Patricia

Business: Marlene

Music: Patricia

Chemistry: Patricia

Physical Ed & Kinesiology: Marlene

Economics: Marlene

Philosophy: Patricia

Education: Marlene

Physics: Patricia

English: Marlene

Political Science: Patricia

Environmental Science: Patricia

Psychology: Marlene

French: Marlene

Religion & Theology: Marlene

Geography: Patricia

Social Work: Patricia

Health Sciences: Patricia

Sociology: Patricia

History: Marlene

TERC: Marlene

International Studies: Patricia

Theatre Arts: Patricia


Peter Turkstra Library,  Redeemer University College , 777 Garner Road East, Ancaster, ON, L9K 1J4, Canada
Circulation Desk Telephone: 905.648.2139 ext. 4266, Email: