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KPE 318/418: Exercise Physiology: Welcome

KPE 418 Advanced Exercise Physiology: Potential Homework Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to show that you know how to use the citation manager Zotero, as well as how to format citations correctly in APA.  This assignment should fit on one page. Print a copy and bring to your class.

1. Choose a topic relating to exercise physiology.

2. Find three articles from the databases below that relate to your topic.  One of your three articles must have one author, one must have two authors, and one must have three or more authors.

  1. One article from SportDiscus or another EBSCO database
  2. One article from PubMed Central
  3. One article from Google Scholar

3. Add all three articles to your account on Zotero.  Check to make sure that the metadata recorded by Zotero is accurate.

4. Write a paragraph in which you refer to each of your sources in the above order, using APA in-text citation format via Zotero.  Check these in-text citations against the APA style guide for errors.  For example:

         In this paragraph I will cite my sources.  First I will cite an article I found in SportDiscus on EBSCOhost (O'Brien, 1996). Then I will cite an article from PubMed Central (Chin & Ima-Nirwana, 2019) and an article from Google Scholar (Piaseu et al., 2002).

5. Using Zotero, create an alphabetically arranged reference list (bibliography) of your sources in APA style. Check these bibliographical references against the APA style guide for errors.  In your own citations, you should begin each citation at the left margin and then indent subsequent lines of that citation, even though this was not possible to do in the examples below (software would not allow me to format it properly).


O'Brien, M. (1996). Osteoporosis and exercise. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 30(3), 191.

Chin, K.-Y. & Ima-Nirwana, S. (2019). The role of tocotrienol in preventing male osteoporosis—a review of current evidence. International Journal of Medical Science 20(6), 1355.  

Piaseu, N., Schepp, K., & Belza, B. (2002). Causal analysis of exercise and calcium intake behaviors for osteoporosis prevention among young women in Thailand. Health Care for Women International, 23(4), 364-376.

File:Shaun Carney rushing.jpg. (2019, July 29). Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Retrieved 18:00, January 17, 2020 from

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