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HIS 222: Canadian History: Post-confederation: Topics 1-30

Library Research Guide by Marlene Power

Suggested topics:

  1. What sorts of political (or religious) beliefs influenced the Fathers of Confederation?

  2. What role did the British Colonial Office play in bringing about Confederation?

  3. Why did the opposition to Confederation in Nova Scotia fail?

  4. Was Louis Riel insane in 1885?

  5. How did theological liberalism become prevalent in the mainline Protestant churches?

  6. What led to the rise of ultramontanism in Quebec? How successful was the movement?

  7. How did family life in Canada change during the period of industrialization?

  8. What was the involvement of Catholics in the social/moral reform movements of the early twentieth century?

  9. Did Canada make a significant contribution to the South African (Boer) War?

  10. Did Canada’s contribution really make a difference to the outcome of World War I?

  11. How did the suffragist movement in Canada succeed in getting the vote for women?

  12. Was Prohibition a success?

  13. How did Canada develop full independence from Britain in foreign policy matters?

  14. Did the policies of the government help Canada get out of the Great Depression or make things worse?

  15. Was joining Canada beneficial for Newfoundland?

  16. Was the CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, predecessor of the NDP) a success or a failure?

  17. To what extent did Maurice Duplessis (premier of Quebec in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s) cooperate with the Catholic Church?

  18. Should Canada have entered World War II?

  19. Did Canada play a significant role in the Korean War?

  20. Why was the Canadian Avro Arrow (CF 105) fighter plane program cancelled in 1959?

  21. Was Canada socially conservative in the 1950s?

  22. Was there a “sexual revolution” in Canada in the 1960s?

  23. What led to the liberalization of abortion laws in Canada since the 1960s?

  24. What caused Quebec’s “Quiet Revolution”?

  25. How did Pierre Elliott Trudeau develop his political views?

  26. Why did Canada agree to free trade with the US in 1988?

  27. Why was the Meech Lake Accord defeated?

  28. What factors account for the rise of the Bloc Quebecois in the 1990s?

  29. What factors account for the rise of the Reform Party in the 1990s?

  30. Why did the “Non” vote win the 1995 referendum on Quebec sovereignty? Or, why did the “Oui” side almost win?

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