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HIS 241: Early Modern Europe, 1450-1789: All Topics A-Z

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Topics A-Z

Affluence, Art & Tulips in the Dutch Golden Age

Anabaptists & the Radical Reformation

Art, Images, Idols & Reformation Iconoclasm

Art Patronage in the Renaissance

Bloody Mary & the English Counter-Reformation

Brunelleschi & Renaissance Architecture

Catholic Missionary Activity in the New World

Columbus, Spain & the New World

Death & Dying in Early Modern Europe

Dutch Colonies in the New World

Dutch Revolt (Eighty Years' War)

Economic Context of the Renaissance

Education in Early Modern Europe

Elite Wealthy Families in Renaissance Italy

European Ideas about the New World

European Overseas Expansion

Family & Children in Early Modern Europe

Florence & the Italian Renaissance

Henry VIII and England's Break with Rome


Humanism and the Reformation

Islam & Early Modern Europe

Jews in Early Modern Europe

King James & the Making of His Bible

Marriage in Early Modern Europe

Medicine in Early Modern Europe

Military Technology and Early Modern Warfare

Popular Understanding of Religion During the Reformation Era

Printing Press & the Reformation

Reformation & English Drama

Religious Reform under Elizabeth I

Sacred Music & the Reformation

Science & Religion in the time of Galileo

Scientific Revolution

Shipping & Trade in an Expanding World

Spanish Armada

Thomas Cranmer: His Life & Death

Thomas More, Tyndale & the English Bible

Travel Writing Before 1800

Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe

Women in the New World Before 1800


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