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Take a Break/Take Care of Yourself: Resources

Health and Wellness


Welcome to our Wellness Page! Here you'll find resources on specific topics to hopefully alleviate the stress of assignments and exams! Not sure where to start? Check in with your body, what do you need? Start from there! 

Visit the library for puzzles, colouring sheets, books, and resource sheets!!

Check out this page on the Redeemer app for lots of additional resources!

Online Wellness Resources

Tips for Busy Redeemer Students!

Exam season food tips

Easy meals

  • sloppy joes
  • easy casseroles

Simple meals

Pomodoro Technique (study schedule with breaks


Studying Tips! How to keep you motivated to study

Set timers when taking study breaks to avoid rabbit holes

Getting distracted? Download Forest: set timers and plant a virtual garden while you study!!


Exercise tips

  1. Little and often
  2. Know what works for you
  3. Develop a routine

Exercise can relieve stress!

Book an appointment with Julie (nurse) to discuss your health

Redeemer Athletic Center Hours

Redeemer Recreation Instagram


Resources based on the phase you're in right now on the Redeemer app

Counselling serivces offered at Redeemer

Virtual Peer Support

Helpful Daily Practices


  • 7 Cups of Tea (Android & iOS) is an anonymous and confidential chat with trained listeners to talk, share your worries, and seek resources
  • BeSafe (Android & iOS) helps you develop safety plans for crisis situations, including decision-making support, script for getting help, and information about mental health and addictions resources in the community
  • Aura offers three-minute daily meditations, tracks your mood, and helps you figure out optimal times to meditate
  • Finch is a self-care app that gives you your own personalized, customizable bird to care for! The bird grows as you complete self-care goals that you can set and choose from, and practice mindfulness and self-compassion exercises.
  • Insight Timer offers thousands of free meditations for managing stress, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, and more.

Study Break! Check these out and try not to rabbit hole

Google Arts & Culture has interactive art, games, and activities.

Earth Cam has webcams from around the globe. You can relax on the beach, take a virtual hike, visit places you've never been to, all of it with just your fingertips.

International Space Station Stream offers a live video of what's happening inside the station when the crew is on-duty or the Earth is in view. See what's happening up there!

Watching Grass Grow is exactly what it sounds like. Watch nature at work, in real-time.

Rain for Me lets you listen to the patterning of raindrops either alone, or accompanied by a song. The sound of rain may relax you!

Monterey Bay Aquarium offers scheduled live cams of aquatic friends, some with narrated feedings!

Bored Button gives you a random selection of games which you can only play by tapping the "Bored Button". 

The Useless Web takes you to a 'useless' websites at random. Explore the peculiarities of the internet!

Kanopy gives you access to thousands of movies with a Hamilton Public Library Card (free!!)


Go for a walk in the Whaley garden, through the trails around campus

Stroll through the art gallery and look at the senior art projects

Peruse the stacks and daydream about the books you wish you had time to read

Borrow a Hamilton Conservation Parking Pass from our libraray and go on a hike in any of these locations for free!

Redeemer's Health and Wellness Books

Recommendations from experts, library assistants, and Redeemer's nurse practitioner Julie Kingma!

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