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APS 235: Marriage and Family

Searching for Resources

In our library catalogue, search by a topic (e.g., gay marriage). Find a relevant book in your results list, and then look for accurate subject headings in the Description section of the Details screen. Once you know the subject headings for your topic, do a subject (su:) search. 

The Advanced Search is helpful if you have a topic with multiple aspects,

e.g. Attitudes of evangelicals and other Christians towards gay marriage.        

  • AND finds results with BOTH terms 
  • OR finds results with EITHER terms 
  • the truncation symbol (*) finds any ending, e.g., Christian* finds Christian, Christians, Christianity

Use the filters on the left side of the catalogue screen to limit your results.

  • Go to EBSCOhost services and select EBSCOhost Web.  Then choose your database(s). and create a search similar to the example below.  The sample topic below is "couples living together in Canada."
  • You may limit your results by using the filters on the left-hand side of the screen. For example, recently published (in the past 5 years), and full text articles in peer reviewed journals. 
  • For more help with EBSCOhost databases, go to the library website, and look under the Databases tab.

The truncation symbol (*) finds results with any ending, e.g. Canad* finds Canada, Canadian

Go to  our JSTOR database, and try a search after selecting Advanced Search. By placing quotation marks around a phrase, JSTOR will search this exact phrase only, bringing up more accurate results. You may also limit your results by item type, language and discipline. For additional help with JSTOR, look under the Databases tab on the library website.

The sample topic below is "How are children affected by both parents working?"

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