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BUS 352: Brand Management

BUS 352 Articles

Here are some sample articles found through Business Source Elite (EBSCO):

Aiqi Wu, and Lianxi Zhou. 2018. “Understanding Earliness of Internationalization and Its Impact on Postentry Geographic Diversity of International Young Ventures.” Journal of International Marketing 26 (2): 62–79.

Chetty, Sylvie, Masoud Karami, and Oscar Martín Martín. 2018. “Opportunity Discovery and Creation as a Duality: Evidence from Small Firms’ Foreign Market Entries.” Journal of International Marketing 26 (3): 70–93.

Domínguez, Beatriz, Jaime Gómez, and Juan P. Maícas. 2018. “Does Distance Matter in Explaining International Expansion? Evidence from the Global Mobile Telecommunications Industry.Universia Business Review, no. 57 (2018 1st Quarter): 92–143.

Giannakis, Mihalis, Desmond Doran, Darren Mee, Thanos Papadopoulos, and Rameshwar Dubey. 2018. “The Design and Delivery of Modular Legal Services: Implications for Supply Chain Strategy.” International Journal of Production Research 56 (20): 6607–27.

Gupta, Shaphali, Anita Pansari, and V. Kumar. 2018. “Global Customer Engagement.” Journal of International Marketing 26 (1): 4–29.

Gürhan-Canli, Zeynep, Gülen Sarıal-Abi, and Ceren Hayran. 2018. “Consumers and Brands Across the Globe: Research Synthesis and New Directions.” Journal of International Marketing 26 (1): 96–117.

Haiyang Feng, Zhengrui Jiang, Minqiang Li, and Nan Feng. 2020. “First- or Second-Mover Advantage? The Case of It-Enabled Platform Markets.” MIS Quarterly 44 (3): 1107–41.

Nunes, Moema Pereira, and Fernanda Kalil Steinbruch. 2019. “Internationalization and the Need of Business Model Innovation - A Theoretical Approach.Brazilian Business Review (Portuguese Edition) 16 (3): 207–21.

Schellenberg, Michael, Michael John Harker, and Aliakbar Jafari. “International Market Entry Mode - a Systematic Literature Review.” Journal of Strategic Marketing 26, no. 7 (November 2018): 601–27.

Watson IV, George F., Scott Weaven, Helen Perkins, Deepak Sardana, and Robert W. Palmatier. 2018. “International Market Entry Strategies: Relational, Digital, and Hybrid Approaches.” Journal of International Marketing 26 (1): 30–60.

Yao, Yao. 2020. “Uberizing the Legal Profession? Lawyer Autonomy and Status in the Digital Legal Market.” British Journal of Industrial Relations 58 (3): 483–506.

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