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HIS 221: Canadian History, Pre-Confederation (to 1867): Suggested Topics

  1. Does the Staples Thesis explain the economic development of Quebec/Lower Canada up to 1840?

  2. What were the origins of the conflict between the French and the Iroquois?

  3. Did religious orders other than the Jesuits play an important role in New France?

  4. Why did the Company of One Hundred Associates fail?

  5. Was the British conquest a good thing or a bad thing for Quebec’s economy?

  6. What happened to the Jesuits in Canada after the British conquest?

  7. Joseph Brant

  8. Did the Loyalists have a lasting impact on Ontario?

  9. What were the origins of Hamilton?

  10. Why did the North West Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company merge?

  11. The “foreign Protestants” who settled in Nova Scotia

  12. Scottish immigration to Canada due to the Highland Clearances

  13. Did Henry Alline have a lasting impact on Nova Scotia?

  14. Why was slavery abolished in Upper Canada?

  15. Black Loyalists and the “back to Africa” movement

  16. When and why did Irish Catholics start coming to Canada?

  17. Who won the war of 1812?

  18. Conflicts between church and state over education in nineteenth-century Lower Canada/Canada East

  19. Which factor was most important in causing the Lower Canada Rebellion: economics, cultural divisions, or political ideology?

  20. Lord Durham’s report

  21. Egerton Ryerson and the development of education in Upper Canada

  22. Was Reciprocity good for British North America?

  23. The Orange Order and anti-Catholicism

  24. How popular was the temperance movement?

  25. The Catholic Church in the Union of the Canadas

  26. George Brown

  27. Origins of the Métis people

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