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KPE 218: Human Physiology: Welcome

KPE 218: Human Physiology - Article Summaries

Students will be required to submit a summary of primary articles from a chosen area of research. Students will summarize each article (in their own words; ~1-1.5 pp) and provide a short commentary/critique of the article (< 1 pg).

Each report will consist of 2 articles on a similar area of research (note: the articles within each report have to be on a similar topic, but the two reports can be on separate topics).

Students will also be required to submit an electronic copy of their report to to check against plagiarism.

More details will be given in class.

KPE 218: Human Physiology - Presentation

Students will present in groups of ~3 on an approved ‘special’ topic from one of the course units (energy systems; muscle system; neuroendocrine system; cardiovascular system; pulmonary system; skeletal system; immune system).

Presentations will be ~20 min (+ 5 min questions/discussion).

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