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PSY 321: Abnormal Psychology: Welcome & Help

Library Research Guide
Encyclopedia of Abnormal Psychology
Understanding Abnormal Psychology: Clinical and Biological Perspectives
Essentials of abnormal psychology
Abnormal psychology across the ages
Abnormal psychology

How to use this Research Guide:

Use the above pages for resources on your chosen topic (research question). For each page you will see books and e-books available in the Redeemer Library. Follow the links to find the call # location on the shelves or to view the e-book. 

For help finding primary source articles and reviews of the literature, see below. 

How to find Systematic Reviews (Journal Articles):

1. Go to the Library's Databases page and select EBSCOhost. 

If you haven't already done so, you may be asked to login using your Redeemer network credentials. 

2. On the "Select Resources" page, choose EBSCOhost Web (the 2nd option).

3. On the "Choose Databases" page, choose APA PsycArticles and APA PsycInfo.  Then select Continue. 

4. Run a SU (Subject Terms) search, like the one below on the topic, e.g., Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Anxiety. 

5. Refine your Results by selecting filters to Limit To: (e.g., Full Text, Publication Date, and Methodology (i.e., Systematic Review). 

6. Go through the results and select the most promising articles. You can add an article to a folder by clicking the icon of the file folder to the right of the title. 

7. Then go to the Folder and select the articles you want to print or email or save or export. After selecting the articles, select the appropriate action on the right. 

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