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PSY 341: History of Psychology: Welcome

Visit Redeemer University's Peter Turkstra Library  and you'll soon see that there are MANY possible sources on the psychology of Augustine and Aquinas.   Below are a few. Please also explore the other tabs on this guide for more resources.

Here I'd like you to write up a three-page max, double-spaced, typewritten, description of the psychology of either Augustine or Aquinas (but preferably Aquinas).  Possible questions include: What is the nature and structure of the soul?  How does the soul/mind work, i.e., what is the relationship between thought, feeling, and action?  What is the soul's telos or purpose?  What impedes the soul from achieving its purpose?  How do we repair the soul from its dysfunction?   How did Augustine build on Plato?  Aquinas on Aristotle?  If you're not doing the assignment described in class, please find and briefly summarize one scholarly secondary source, and one primary source (Confessions and/or the City of God for Augustine, the Summa Theologica for Aquinas) and quote those sources at least once.  APA Style with abstract.  Due Sep 30 in Word on Turnitin   

So there are two major approaches to the paper.  Follow the approach described in class on discovering and very briefly summarizing the psychology in the Summa using the Thomistic Institute videos, or dive into a secondary source on a more narrow theme.  If you don't know Thomas very well, I'd strongly recommend you do the paper described in class, and then consider all of the secondary sources listed here as resources for further exploration.

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