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REL 356 : World Religions

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Sept 13 - Introduction to Course: Religious Studies, a theology of world relgions in a globalized world, comparative theology, dialogical diversity and missiology.

Sept 20 - Origins of "Religion," Theological Perspectives


Farhadian Ch. 1

Tennent, Tim. “Christian Encounter with Other Religions” in Encountering A Theology of Mission (2010).

Whitcomb, Isobel. “What led to the emergence of monotheism?” Livescience, Jan. 3, 2021.

Sept. 27 – Hinduism: Many Ways to the Summit

Guest speaker: Brian Carwana from Encounter World Religions Centre


Farhadian Ch. 2

Additional Readings:

Crouch, Andy. “Christ, My Bodhisattva.” Christianity Today, May 2007, Vol. 51, No. 5.

Mangalwadi, Vishal.  “A Quiz: Who Was William Carey?” in The Legacy Of William Carey: A Model For the Transformation of a Culture, Crossway, 1993, p. 17-25.   

Williams, Raymond B. “Hinduism in America.” Christian Century, 104 no 8 Mr 11 1987, p 247-249.

Oct 4 - Buddhism: The Middle Way


Farhadian Ch. 3

Additional Reading:

Tweed, T. A. “Why Are Buddhists So Nice? Media Representations of Buddhism and Islam in the United States Since 1945.” Material Religion v. 4 no.1 (March 2008) p. 91-3.

Oct 12 (Tuesday!) – Buddhism (continued).


Beyer, Peter. “Maybe, In the Future: Buddhist Men.” in Growing Up Canadian: Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists. McGill-Queen’s, 2013, pp. 192-212.

Muck and Adeney. "Effectiveness: Allowing the context to Determine the Form of Witness." Christianity Encountering World Religions, Baker, 2009. pp. 138-149.

Oct 18 – Daoism: The Way of Nature; Confucianism, the Way of the Sages


Farhadian Ch. 6

Chuang Tzu “Carving Up an Ox”

Chuang Tzu, "The Tortoise"

Woo, Terry. "Chinese popular religion in Diaspora," Studies in Religion, 2010.

Oct 25 Mid-term and Guest: Dr. Ruth Hayhoe, OISE, on Confucian/Christian dialogue

Nov 1  - Judaism: The Way of Torah


Farhadian Ch. 7

Additional Reading:

Morreall, John. "Humor during the Holocaust", p. 119-124 in Comic Relief: A Comprehensive Philosophy of Humor, 1997.

Nov 8 – Judaism, Guest: Andrew Barron, Global Scholars Canada


Barron, Andrew. "The Conflicted Jewish Imagination of Joy Davidman," VII: Journal of the Marian E. Wade Center, Vol. 36 (2019), pp. 51-72).

Nov 15 - Islam


Kazemipur, Abdolmohammad. The Muslim Question in Canada, UBC, 2014 (Ch. 7)

Smith, Jane I. “Women in Islam: Clothes and Convictions” Christian Century, 119 no 3 Ja 30-F 6 2002, p 26-29.

Nov 22 - Islam: The Way of Submission to Allah

*Research Paper Due

Guest Speaker Raza Khan

Nov 29 - Inter-Faith Relations

Dialogue, Friendship, Partnership, and Giftive Mission

Guest: former student Monica Fennema


Bazzell, Pascal D. "Recognizing God in the Other; Christian Missions with a Multi-Religious World," Mission Round Table 13:1 (January - April 2018): 19-23.

Schuurman, Peter. "A Bridge and Window to a Muslim School," The Christian Courier, March 2017.

Stackhouse, John. "A Bigger and Smaller View of Mission," Books and Culture. May/June 2007, Vol 13, No 3, p. 26.

Dec 6- Inter-faith Relations and Mission: apologetics, religious persecution


Commission on Faith and Witness. “How should Christians respond to a world of religious diversity? An Introductory Opener” April 2018.

Meilaender, Gilbert. “Interfaith ‘Prayer.’” Christian Century Oct. 23-Nov. 5, 2002, p. 32-36.

Schuurman, Peter. "Mission as a Crime and Human Right," Christian Courier, April 2010.

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