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REL 356 : World Religions

Daoism (Taoism)


  • An in-depth analysis of wu wei or yin yang
  • An extended analysis of Tao Te Ching or the stories of Chang-Tsu
  • Connections to an ecological ethic today
  • Feng Shui’s religious core
  • Taoist humour
  • Laozi:  legends and meanings
  • The Tao of Pooh: Why the success of book and how true is it to Daoism?
  • The life and times of Alan Watts and his Daoist ideas
  • Death or sex in Daoism
  • The five Elements/Agents
  • Daoism and “how to govern properly”: contra Confucianism?
  • Contrast with C. S. Lewis’ view of Tao in Abolition of Man

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