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BUS 253: Personal Finance – The Myths, Mysteries and Marvels of Money

Term Project (Winter 2022)

This course requires you to understand not only finance as it pertains to Western financial culture, but also to explore more fully the financial culture of diverse communities around the world.  You will be required to research and compare and contrast a financial perspective from a non-Western culture, religion or geography. You must research current attitudes towards money and wealth, how they developed, how they impact everyday living.  In a group setting, prepare an 8–10-page paper on a selected topic, and prepare a 30-minute presentation of what you have learned along with a one-page handout on your topic to present to the class.  Material from the presentations and handouts for all teams will be examinable material. 

Guidelines and suggestions:

  1. You will work in teams of three or four.  You will be able to learn from each other, share ideas, verify that all points are covered, etc.  With each person reviewing the final output, the result should improve in clarity and readability.
  2. Once your team has chosen a topic that is of interest to you, email me your choice; and if it is available and suitable, I will confirm via email and you may further your research. 
  3. Thoroughly research your selected topic, compare and contrast with Western culture and biblical principles in managing money. 
  4. The marking scheme will include Content / Clarity / Depth of Thought / Style (Grammar/Citation)
  5. Your research should include a minimum of 4-6 references.  The Redeemer Research Librarian is available to assist your research.  One reference could be a personal interview with a member of the relevant community. 


Group names and project description                   February 3, 2022

Presentation and Final report                                 March 17 or 24, 2022

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