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PSY 225 Developmental Psychology (Adolescent)

  1. Adolescent development and the law/juvenile justice system (Less guilty by reason of adolescence?)
  2. Risk factors for suicide in adolescence and early adulthood and prevention strategies
  3. The role of parents in adolescent problem behaviour
  4. Adolescent drug use: What prevention/intervention strategies actually work?
  5. How does one's relationships with parents change in emerging adulthood?
  6. What are the causes and effects of peer victimization/bullying in adolescence?
  7. What factors predict positive virtues/traits (e.g., empathy, higher level moral reasoning/prosocial behaviour) in adolescence and emerging adulthood?
  8. How do international experiences (e.g., exchanges, volunteer/mission trips, etc) affect the lives of adolescents and emerging adults?
  9. (How) does the media influence sexual activity and/or gender stereotypes?
  10. Attachment and autonomy in adolescence
  11. Youth gangs and adolescent development
  12. Abuse/violence in adolescent and young adult romantic relationships
  13. What is the best way to educate adolescents about sex?
  14. Health and well-being among adolescents with developmental disabilities
  15. Causes of anxiety and depression in adolescence/early adulthood
  16. The risks and benefits of affluence in adolescence
  17. Are we protecting our teens too much from risk/danger? (e.g., the effects of "helicopter" parents, overprotective parents, school policies)
  18. Adolescent sleep patterns and high school start times
  19. The role of religion/spirituality in the lives of adolescents and emerging adults

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