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PSY 225 Developmental Psychology (Adolescent)

Searching for journal articles and books on the sample topic, Adolescent Spirituality:

From the library Databases page, go to EBSCOhost and then select EBSCOhost Web.  Then choose your databases (e.g., PsycARTICLES and PsycINFO) and create a search similar to the example below. Finally, you may limit your results by using the filters on the left-hand side of the screen, e.g., recently published (in the past 5 years),  full text articles in peer reviewed journals. 

My sample topic is adolescent spirituality.

  • The truncation symbol (*) finds results with any ending (e.g. religio* FINDS religion, religious, religiosity)
  • AND finds results with BOTH terms (e.g. spirituality AND adolescent)
  • OR finds results with EITHER term (e.g. adolescents OR teenagers OR youth)
  • My search terms will be in the Subject Terms field so the articles will be ABOUT this

In our library catalogue, type your topic, e.g.

Select a relevant book in your results list, and then View the Description for accurate subject headings (under Subjects). 

Once you know the subject headings for your topic, do a subject (su:) search.

You could also try an Advanced Search, combining keywords from several Subject Headings:

  • AND finds results with BOTH terms 
  • OR finds results with EITHER term
  • adolescen*  finds any ending, e.g. adolescents, adolescence

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