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Margaret Eaton School Digital Collection: Our Collection

Physical Collection

The Margaret Eaton School Collection:

This collection contains materials relating to Margaret Eaton School includes letters, pamphlets, postcards, yearbooks, scrapbooks, books, financial records, correspondence, newspaper clippings, textbooks, photographs, a school sweater, student files and notes, photographs, and photo albums.

Introduction to the Margaret Eaton School Digital Collection, by John Byl

The Margaret Eaton School (1901-1942) was a Toronto post-secondary school for women, with an emphasis on physical education. Dr. John Byl, Professor Emeritus of Physical Education at Redeemer University College, has gathered 17,500 archival materials from alumnae. In this video, Dr. Byl introduces visitors to The Margaret Eaton School Digital Collection, the online platform for these archives.


Scholarship on Margaret Eaton School

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