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Margaret Eaton School Digital Collection: Dates

Important Dates

Important Dates

1901 The 'School of Expression' begins in a small room above some offices in downtown Toronto, and is governed by Founder and Principal Emma Scott Raff.

1906 During this time, the school is renamed ‘The Margaret Eaton School of Literature and Expression’. One of Emma's pupils is Margaret Eaton, wife of Timothy Eaton, founder of the Eaton Company. Margaret Eaton takes a considerable interest in the school, and the Eaton family acts as benefactors of the school.

1915 The curriculum shifts to embrace two departments: dramatic art and physical education. Facing low enrolment, the dramatic arts department eventually disbanded in 1926.

1925 Emma Raff Nasmith retires as Principal of the school.

1925 Camp Tanamakoon is established.

1926 Mary Hamilton becomes the new principal of the school and adds camping to the school's curriculum.

1926 Margaret Eaton discontinues financing the school and it returns to self-governance. During this time, The Margaret Eaton School specializes in physical education and attracts pupils from across Canada. The Margaret Eaton School offers a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum of English and drama; languages, such as French and German; music and dance; sciences, including biology, anatomy and physiology, psychology and sociology; and many sports, including archery, badminton, basketball, canoeing, fencing, field hockey, figure skating, golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, skiing, soccer, swimming, and track.

1934 Florence Somers becomes Principal of The Margaret Eaton School.

1942 The Margaret Eaton School amalgamates with the University of Toronto to create Canada’s first Bachelor of Physical Education program.

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