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Library Donations & Gifts Policy

The library welcomes donations that support the teaching and learning programs of the university. We also welcome cash gifts to support the purchase of library resources needed by our students and faculty. The library does not accept periodicals, damaged materials, textbooks, outdated books, or items which are in outdated formats.


Materials are accepted with the understanding that not all of the items will necessarily be added to the collection because of space limitations, costs of repair and processing, as well as our collection mandate.  In some cases a Gift-in-Kind Donation Agreement (see PDF form below) between a donor and the Library will be signed when materials are accepted. Once donated, gifted items become the absolute and unconditional property of the University and will not be returned to the donor unless specified in writing in the Gift-in-Kind Donation Agreement. Upon receipt, the Peter Turkstra Library reserves the right to determine retention, location, and cataloguing. The Library shall dispose of unneeded materials in any manner it deems appropriate, e.g., by sale or gift to the Redeemer community, or as gifts to libraries in developing countries.


Donors are encouraged to discuss potential gifts with the Library Director, 905-648-2139 ext. . Sending a list of titles before bringing any donations is helpful. Library staff will review the list to determine whether the titles are already in the library and whether they conform to the collection mandate. Donors can also search the library catalogue here. In some cases a Gift-in-Kind Donation Agreement (see PDF form below) between a donor and the Library will be signed when materials are accepted. For example, this is required for all donations for which a gift receipt is requested.

Gift Receipts and Appraisal

When donations are accepted, donors may request to receive a letter signed by the university Library Director acknowledging their gift as well as a gift receipt reflecting current market value. The Library does not appraise donated items. Appraisals of gifts to the Peter Turkstra Library for tax purposes are the responsibility of the donor. If donors intend to claim a tax credit for charitable giving, they should consult with a tax advisor regarding any applicable rules or conditions. Since gift receipts will be issued only for items actually added to the library, donors are encouraged to discuss potential gifts with the Library Director before having them appraised. Gift receipts must be requested prior to making the donation.


The appraisal must be an estimate of the “fair market value” of the item as of the date that legal ownership is transferred from the donor to the recipient.  “Fair market value” is deemed to be the price a willing buyer and seller would arrive at independent of one another and in full knowledge of all facts.


Once the gift has been appraised, the university will issue a gift receipt stating the fair market value of the donation. This value is not necessarily the insurance value, which could be higher or lower.


Gift receipts for less than $10 will not be issued.


Responsibility of the Donor of Archival Collections: The donor is asked to prepare explanatory notes to accompany objects, pictures, letters, etc. The donor must be as explicit as possible in describing the item(s).  Donors are encouraged to prepare a biography if submitting personal papers.


Other Donation Options:


Better World Books is an online book seller of used books. This may be a more suitable choice for older or outdated books, and books in poor condition. Unsold books are donated to developing countries. See website for details.

Christian Salvage Mission: 120 Lancing Drive, Hamilton (Rymal Rd & Upper Ottawa) accepts donations of books, Bibles, teaching materials, and Christian music. See website for details.

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