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Copying & Printing

Students, faculty, staff and alumni can use their ID card to print or photocopy. The cost is:

  • $ 0.15 per colour side ($0.25 for visitors)
  • $ 0.04 per black/white/greyscale side ($0.10 for visitors)
  • All fees can be paid online.

Please see the I.T. Help Desk for assistance with photocopying.


A laminating machine is available to library users. Please consult library circulation desk staff at least 20 minutes prior to using the laminator because the machine takes that long to warm up. There is a charge of $2.00 per foot, rounded up to the nearest foot. All fees can be paid online.



Scanning can be done in the library.  Please see the I.T. Help Desk for assistance with scanning.

Food and drink sometimes play a role in studying and learning. However, they can also damage library material, equipment and furnishings, attract rodents and insects, and disturb other library users. In order to protect library resources and facilities in an environment conducive to study, please abide by the following:

Only drinks with lids and snacks are allowed.

NO Hot Food:  Why?

  •        Food can be messy. Oils, sauces, etc. can damage library resources, floors and furniture.
  •        Food  produces garbage and mess.
  •        Food will sometimes produce odours that disturb others.
  •        A cafeteria atmosphere is not conducive to study and learning.

NO Garbage: Library users are responsible for picking up after themselves. If you have garbage, dispose of it in garbage bins outside the library. Why?

  •         Garbage disturbs other library users
  •         Garbage creates an atmosphere/odour that is not conducive to study and learning
  •         Food debris may damage library property and may attract rodents and insects.

Enforcement: Library users in violation of the Library food and drink policy will be asked to either:

  •        discard their food outside the library or
  •        store it out of sight (eg. in a bag or knapsack) or
  •        leave the library.


A valid Redeemer OneCard (student, staff, faculty or alumni) or a community borrower's card is required to check out books.

Membership Fee

Loan Periods

Maximum Items on Loan






3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks


Community Patrons


3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks


Faculty & Staff


4 months

3 weeks

4 months




3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks




3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks


Non-Circulating Items

Archival Materials

Library Patron Contact Information

It is the responsibility of library users to keep the library informed of their contact information, especially email address, as this is the primary means by which the library will contact patrons. The non-receipt of library notices does not relieve the borrower from fines or suspension of privileges. Errors or misunderstanding must be reported promptly in order to be considered.

Due Dates

The loan period for books, DVDs, and CDs is three (3) weeks for students, alumni and community borrowers and four (4) months for faculty and staff. The loan period for reference materials is one week for all borrowers. Please respect the due date issued when you check out library materials. Outstanding fines will be charged to your account. Students' marks will be withheld until their accounts are settled.  If an item has been overdue for more than one month, it will be considered a lost item and an invoice email will be sent out for the replacement charges. 


If library materials are neither overdue, nor requested/placed on hold by another borrower, they can be renewed up to the maximum number of allowed renewals:

  • Two (2) renewals are allowed per item for students, staff, faculty, alumni, or community borrowers.

Once items have reached their renewal limit, they must be returned to the library. Go to your Borrower's Account to renew your own books online or to check how often they have been renewed. A few days before your library materials are due (after the final renewal), you will receive an email reminder.  After this reminder, if the items become overdue, fines will accrue. You will not receive another notice until the items are one week overdue. 

Recalls of Loans

Loans are subject to recall after 2 weeks for book loans. If a book that you have loaned is recalled, it must be returned within 2 weeks of the check out date (or sooner, if possible).  After 2 weeks, late fees will be charged (see under Fines below).  You may request to have it returned to you when the person recalling the book has finished with it.


The fine charged for the late return of books, CDs and videos is 50 cents per item, per day, with a maximum of $10 per item. The fine for overdue reserve loans is 5 cents per minute for reserve loans of 3-hours or less and $1 per day for reserve loans of 1-day or longer. If an item has been recalled, the overdue fine is $1 per day.  Replacement charges: current cost of item (including tax, shipping cost etc.). An unpaid balance of $20 or more will result in the loss of borrowing privileges. If an item has been overdue for more than one month, it will be considered a lost item and an invoice will be sent for the replacement charges. All fines can be paid online.

Inter-library Loans

There is no charge for books requested via ILL if we can get them from a Canadian library.  Requested articles are also free. Retired faculty are allowed 5 free ILL requests and will be charged the full cost for any further requests.  For more information, please see Other Libraries and ILL.

 Course Reserves

Some books and articles on course reading lists are kept on reserve behind the Circulation Desk. They must be requested by course number and title from the library assistant on duty.  Only students may borrow reserve items; a valid Redeemer University student I.D. card is required.  Because of high demand for these items, the loan period is shorter (e.g. 2 hours or 24 hours).  A maximum of 3 items may be borrowed at a time (no renewals, no holds, no recalls).

  • Overdue notices:  No overdue notices will be issued for reserves because of the short borrowing period.
  • Fines for overdue 2 and 3 hour reserves:  5 cents/minute
  • Fines for overdue 1 day, 3 day, 1 week reserves:  $1/day
  • All fines can be paid online.

Paid Parking

Visitor parking information is available here. If the frequency of your library visits is expected to be high, go to the Ustore to purchase a weekly, monthly, semester or annual parking permit.

Reference Services 

Reference services are available Monday to Friday, during daytime business hours. Please do not hesitate to approach a librarian with any of your research questions and problems.

  • The desks, tables, and soft-seating in the library for studying is available on a "first come first serve" basis. Users are asked to keep noise to a minimum in all study areas.
  • Six group study rooms are available for group work and must be booked online.  The rooms may be booked for a maximum of two hours per day. Should the room not be booked at the end of the two-hour period, users may renew the booking for an additional time period but no longer than two additional hours.

Peter Turkstra Library,  Redeemer University , 777 Garner Road East, Ancaster, ON, L9K 1J4, Canada
Circulation Desk Telephone: 905.648.2139 ext. 4266, Email: