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History of Redeemer University: Names

Redeemer College (1982)




Redeemer University College (2000)

2000 - It took around 15 years for Redeemer to be granted the permission to include 'university' in their official title rather than in their description (ex. Redeemer College, a Christian university)


Around 2001 Redeemer decided that it was time to select names for each of the court parking lots and specific locations on campus to create distinction among them. Therefore, through deliberation and input, Calvin Court, Luther Court, Cranmer Court, Augustine Hall, and the Whaley Teaching Garden received their unique identifiers. By picking these names, Redeemer hoped to lend recognition back to the Christian Reformed tradition and individuals in history that contributed well to Christianity as a whole or to the school directly (the Whaley family). 

A prank by students done in early 2000s


Redeemer University (2020)


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