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History of Redeemer University: First 10 Years

Redeemer College est. 1982

Redeemer College was established in 1982 and opened its doors in an old school building at 467 Beach Blvd., Hamilton, that used to be the location of Bell Cairn Memorial Public School. In this pioneer year, Redeemer College began with 97 full-time students, 63 part-time students, and 11 faculty members, not including President Rev. Henry R. De Bolster. At this location, the college-sponsored dorms were 6 km away from the school building and Redeemer offered a bus to shuttle students to-and-from the dorms.    

In 1985, Redeemer purchased a 78-acre plot for the location of their new campus in Ancaster, and in August 1986, the school began their academic year in the newly constructed building with 279 full-time students. 

Original Faculty (1982-1983)

Original Faculty of Redeemer College - 1982 (Absent: Dr. W. van Dijk)

Beach Blvd. Building & Residences

Redeemer College Bookstore - 1985

A bus driver was provided by the school to shuttle students between the academic building and the residences, as well as to bring them to church on Sundays.

Original Design for Ancaster Campus

Construction of Ancaster Campus (Summer 1985)

Location for Construction of Redeemer's Ancaster Campus

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