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History of Redeemer University: The Crown

The Crown (1983 - present)

The Crown is the student-run newspaper at Redeemer University. The Crown is a place where students can ask questions, share insight, and challenge each other concerning the issues of the school, city, or world. Published on a monthly basis, from 1983 to 2022, there have been almost 400 issues printed and distributed to the Redeemer community and beyond.  

Progression of The Crown Headings

The Clown (April edition of The Crown)

Each academic school year the last printed issue of The Crown  is a satirical edition called The Clown (published in April). This paper is dedicated to satirical topics and jokes that purpose to lighten the mood and the load of a heavy school year coming to a close. While it is a fun and light edition, the team each year does work to ensure that the material printed is appropriate and within the boundaries of wholesome, Christian humour. 

The Clown, Volume 30, Number 1, September 2012

Important Terms to Learn at Redeemer Courtesy of The Clown (Volume 33, Number 7,  April 2015)

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