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History of Redeemer University: The Minstrel, Quest

The Minstrel (1988 - 2015)

The Minstrel was Redeemer's original creative arts magazine that produced its first copy in the spring of 1988. The Minstrel was a platform for students to submit their creative work whether it was poetry, prose, art, or other productions from a creative outlet.

The Minstrel Digital Collection - Internet Archive Website Link

Quest (2015 - present)

Quest came from a rebranding in 2015 of Redeemer's creative arts magazine, but with the new name, the publication kept its main focus and direction. Student editors ask for submissions from students of their creative pieces so that they can be showcased in one, specifically designed place. For students especially in the writing stream at Redeemer, Quest is a great starting point to have their work published and undergo the process of putting their work out there if they wish to actively pursue publication. On the same hand though, it is also a beautiful place for students who use writing and art simply as a creative outlet and wish to share it with others. Quest is designed for a variety of submissions and types of art. 

Quest Digital Collection - Internet Archive Website Link

Quest Submissions

If you are a current student of Redeemer and wish to submit your creative work for Quest, send your submissions to If you are unsure of the type of work they are looking for/accept, or the current theme of the year's issue, email your questions to the same address!

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