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History of Redeemer University: Presidents

Dr. David Zietsma (2022-present)

Dr. David Zietsma was appointed president on March 4, 2022. He has provided leadership and guidance through the process of the rebranding as Redeemer University, the construction and building of the Charis Live and Learn Centre, and through the challenges of the tail-end of the pandemic. It is exciting to anticipate what directions Zietsma's leadership will next lead Redeemer.

Dr. Robert J. Graham (2018-2021)

Dr. Robert J. Graham was formally inaugurated on March 1, 2019. Graham's strength as a leader was evident as he navigated Redeemer's direction through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Graham worked hard within the institution and in co-ordination with the other leadership positions at Redeemer to operate at the best capacity, a process much appreciated by the students. 

Dr. Hubert R. Krygsman (2010-2016)

Dr. Hubert R. Krygsman began his service as Redeemer's president in 2010. During Krygsman's leadership years, Redeemer saw steady development and growth in its academic reputation. This forward direction allowed Redeemer to plan and progress towards the developments that it sees todaysuch as the new building and programs to suit the growth of the school.  

Dr. Justin D. Cooper (1994-2010)

Dr. Justin D. Cooper was appointed as Redeemer's second president in 1994. Cooper oversaw the growth and development of Redeemer in many ways: the gain of provincial recognition as an undergraduate university, the accreditation of the faculty of education, and the development of Redeemer's facilities including additional residences, the library/classroom wing, and the soccer complex.

Rev. Henry R. De Bolster (1980-1994)

Rev. Henry R. De Bolster was Redeemer's first president and was elected in 1980 before the college even opened in 1982. His contribution was fundamental as he worked with the Board of Governors, the Ontario Christian College Association, and the original faculty members to establish a post-secondary Christian education opportunity in Ontario. He served Redeemer well and oversaw the opening of the school in the building on Beach Blvd. and the move to the Ancaster campus. 

Stepping Forward in Faith

Rev. De Bolster highlights his time at Redeemer and the progression of the school in his memoir book, Stepping Forward in Faith. The Peter Turkstra Library has received permission from his family to include his book here, so please check out the information above on how to locate and access this book!

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