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History of Redeemer University: Peter Turkstra Library

The Redeemer College Library opened alongside the university in 1986 but was quickly outgrown with the rising number of students and their academic needs. As a part of Redeemer's Growing With Integrity Campaign, the South Wing expansion of the school included the renovation and expansion of the library, to be called Peter Turkstra Library dedicated to Peter Turkstra (1934-2000), founder of Turkstra Lumber and life-long supporter of Christian education. The construction was completed in the Fall of 2005 and opened with brand new facilities including computer labs, study rooms, a lounge area, and quiet study pods.  


Redeemer College Library





Dan Savage - Redeemer College's First Library Director (1982-1993)

Construction of South Wing Expansion

Peter Turkstra Library

This summer (2022) the library has added two more study rooms to their facility increasing the total number of rooms available to six.

Peter Turkstra Library,  Redeemer University , 777 Garner Road East, Ancaster, ON, L9K 1J4, Canada
Circulation Desk Telephone: 905.648.2139 ext. 4266, Email: